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Introducing the new E-MAG

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26k/56k Modem /ISDN
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E-MAG Comic
E-MAG Comic Flash Movie!

Black Fade E-Mag

We are continually updating our E-Mag & Warp Feed page, so please keep checking in, for more info & pics.


More pages on E-Mag and Warp Feed:

Pictures of the Airgun Designs

Click on thumbnails for larger images except where noted
Blue Fade E-Mag
Blue Fade E-Mag
Blue Fade E-Mag
Crystal Blue Persuasion E-Mag
Crystal Blue Persuasion E-Mag shown hopper side. This is a production clear Warp Feed Body.
More Crystal Blue Persuasion
More Crystal Blue Persuasion E-Mag, shown without hopper. Note electronic to manual switch lever at top left of grip and LED display at base of grip.
Another View of Crystal Blue Persuasion
Another view of Crystal Blue Persuasion
E-Mag without Warp Feed
E-Mag without Warp Feed. Production version will include sight rail.
In your face
Looking down the barrel of the E-Mag
E-Mag rotated left
E-Mag rotated to shoot around left side of bunker. Note the hand position stays the same.
This?Or this?
Which target would you rather be?

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Jersey & pants by 32 Degrees, Goggles by Diablo, Gloves by Raven, T-Shirt by Warrior Sports and Pack courtesy of Redz. Attitude by Design!
A heads up comparison shooting right side
A heads up comparison shooting right side
Note difference in goggle field of view
Note the difference in the goggle field of view
Side view of heads up comparison
Side view of heads up comparison
Leaning out for the shot
Leaning out for the shot
Hand grip does not change
Hand grip does not change from left to right side, even with different players
Holding tight in the Snake
Holding tight in the Snake


Front and side views of E-Mag / Warp Feed; also Angel with Warp Feed mounted

Pictures of PigChat, E-Mag, Warp Feed and Warp Feed Demonstrator

Airgun's Warp Feed Pictures

E-Mag Specifications/Pricing:
  • MSRP 700 Ex-Tax*
  • Availability - September 2000
  • Weight - 5 lbs
  • Weight - no tank, hopper or sight rail - 3.8 pounds
  • Length - 16½ inches
  • 45 Aluminum Grip frame standard
  • Trigger actuated by magnets
  • Dual selector, switches from Electric to Manual operation
  • Operates with 18 volt rechargeable battery or 2 x 9 volt batteries
  • L.E.D. Display features countdown timer, shot counter, plus many other features
  • Tested beyond 20 shots per second without shootdown**

  *Price for black gun only
**Production models will be restricted to 13 shots per second, to comply with current industry standards

Warp Feed
  • MSRP 99.95 Ex-Tax
  • Weight - 15 ozs
  • Length - 6 inches
  • Operates on 4 x AA batteries or 1 x 9 volt
  • Exceeds 20 shots per second feed rate
  • Designed for E-mag, but adapters will be available from Pro Team Products for most markers

* Please note that E-Mag and Warp Feed are available as separate items, and do not have to be purchased as a package.


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