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Airgun Designs Europe - RT Pro

Update on the RT PRO!

We are pleased to announce that we are now shipping the new RT Pro !
The MSRP for this outstanding new paintball gun will be £450 Ex Tax and it is available in two mainbody styles - vertical feed and power feed.

RT Pro

The RT Pro is designed by our crack team of Airgun engineers to maximize power and maneuverability for quicker reflexes in the heat of battle.

RT Pro

The RT Pro is equipped with the ReTro Valve, Airgun's patented reactive-trigger firing system, so you'll experience ultra-fast recharging and no shoot down. You'll angle right or snap shoot left with equal ease, and have opponents heading for the dead zone before they know what hit 'em.

Not only leaner in looks, the RT PRO is leaner in price. With a cost under the Automag RT, you can use the savings to buy more paint!

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