Airgun Designs - Warranty Policy
Airgun Designs - Warranty Policy


Please note: Our warranty policy has changed. Read this material carefully.

We offer a 1 year limited warranty from the date of original retail purchase on all markers. This limited warranty covers material, manufacturing, and assembly defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear nor abuse such as wrapping the marker around a tree when you lose a game, nor does it cover damage that occurs as part of a disaster such as an auto accident, house fire, hurricane, etc. It also does not cover a marker that has been taken apart and put back together incorrectly.

All repair work is warranted for 90 days.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges and fees in and out of warranty.

The star program is discontinued.

Modifications and aftermarket parts and accessories may void warranty at our discretion. See below.

We will not perform any type of service on a marker which has been reported stolen according to our company guidelines.

We will not perform any type of service on a marker which has no serial number.

We will not perform any type of service on a marker if the serial numbers on the valve body and the regulator body of the valve assembly do not match. We will contact you to offer the Valve Exchange program or the Go-X Valve program.

The marker must come in for inspection at the factory before we can consider waiving any fees.

Aftermarket parts and accessories: In many cases, aftermarket accessories such as barrels, expansion chambers and grip frames do not cause a problem and will not void the warranty. Many aftermarket parts and accessories are available. We have no problem with aftermarket parts being installed in our markers. However, please keep your stock parts on hand and replace them first if you have problems with your marker. If we determine that an aftermarket part is causing the problem, the repairs will require at least the rebuild fee per schedule below.

Please do NOT send any barrels or air systems or other removable accessories with your marker unless specifically told to do so by our Tech Department. Airgun Designs is not responsible for any accessories sent to us along with a marker and not necessary to the repair.

Airgun Designs markers equipped with the E-LCD Boo-Yah or Centerflag's Hyper Series Frames ect. WILL NOT be accepted at the factory. If you want us to repair your marker, your aftermarket electronic trigger frames must be replaced by your stock frame. Any marker with an electronic trigger frame will be repackaged and shipped back to the customer without any work being performed on the marker. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Also, Diamond Labs or Dye frames invalidate the warranty and will require a rebuild fee.

Customers and dealers MUST call Airgun Designs to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number before sending any marker, valve, accessory or part to us for repairs. Any product coming to the factory without a Return Authorization number will be shipped back to the customer. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

If we are unable to obtain payment information from you within 90 days after the date we first contact you asking for that information, your repaired product will be considered "abandoned property" and will be disposed of at our discretion to cover the charges you incurred.

This warranty policy is subject to change or update without notice.

Other Products

Warp Feeds have a 90-day limited warranty. After 90 days have expired, we will charge a $35 rebuild fee plus parts and shipping/handling. Modifications may invalidate any warranty.

ANY modifications made to Flatlines will invalidate the warranty.

Automag & Minimag$45
RT, RT ULE, RT Pro$65
Warp Feed$35
Flatline Regulator$35

Mill rail for Warp body$25
ULT install or tune
($25 when purchasing marker)
L10 install or tune
($15 when purchasing AM/MM markers)

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