AGD Warp Feed
Airgun Designs - Warp Feed

Warp Feed
Worlds First Force Feeding System

  • Weight - 15 ozs
  • Length - 6 inches
  • Operates on one 9 volt battery
  • Exceeds 20 shots per second feed rate with 12 volt input
  • Designed for E-mag, but adapters are available from Pro Team Products for most markers

Warps come in different colors and textures!
The Warp Feed is the worlds first pressure feed system for paintball markers. Instead of relying on gravity to feed your paint, the Warp positively and gently pushes a steady stream of paintballs up and into your breach! The system is a friction drive utilizing soft urethane disks in the feed wheel. The disks actually grip the paintballs on their sides and will allow the balls to slip when they are finished feeding a ball. In this way the system can not jam or crush paint. The mounting bracket provided bolts to the bottom of the grip frame and will allow the Warp to swivel to the most comfortable position. The Warp has two main benefits, first is reliably feeds paintballs faster than you can possibly pull the trigger and second it removes that large blimp from the top of your marker!! The Warp can be activated just by the adjustable vibration sensor when the marker fires or can be directly interfaced to your Emag or other electronic marker. Go HERE to see our picture stories on how to link the Warp to Intelliframes and Angels.

Go to and search for players comments about the Warp, once you get used to playing with one it is hard to switch back.

Blue Fade E-Mag
Warp shown in typical left handed setup. Note the Emag has a Warp Feed Body for super low profile and direct feed into the breach.
E-Mag rotated left
E-Mag rotated to shoot around left side of bunker. Note the hand position stays the same.
Hand grip does not change
Hand grip does not change from left to right side, even with different players
Holding tight in the Snake
The Warp allows for unheard of shooting positions and angles so you can get really tight!
Note difference in goggle field of view
Who said you can’s shoot out the left and stay tight!!?? Most of the time the opposing player thinks you are just looking at him because he doesn’t see a hopper or your barrel.

Warps also work great on other markers too!
Black Fade E-Mag
To minimize the hopper on the left side many players melt a pocket into the side of their Rev’s to make room for the feed tube.

Click on thumbnails below for larger images (except last picture)
At right: Warp Feed in smoke.
Below, left to right:
Red, blue, clear Warp Feeds.
Warp feed in smoke
Warp feed in red Warp feed in blue Warp feed in clear
Warps currently come stock in these colors. Other colors and fades are sometimes available by special order.

Ball wedged in drive wheel
Balls flowing to output port
Inside View
Inside view of electronics and gear reduction pulley
Urethane disks
Urethane disks grip balls from the side but slip if ball flow stops

Diverter Plate
Close-up of diverter plate that removes balls from wheel and guides them into the exit port
Warp Feed Motor Ball wedged in drive wheel
Close-up of ball being wedged into drive wheel

Disassembled wheel
Wheel can be completely disassembled for cleaning
Warp Feed Circuit Board Reduction pulley and gear
Reduction pulley and gear

Flexible Feed Tube
Above: Flexible feed tube can be cut to length.

For technical help visit and post any questions or comments you might have in the forums. Your questions will be answered by Airgun Designs Master Techs and fellow Mag shooters.

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